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One of the major issues facing private clubs and high-end restaurants is the rising costs for food and related goods consumed by their Executive Chefs. General Managers, under pressure from their boards, want to know how to justify large budget variances and how to avoid menu increases that will outrage members. Using “market price” on the menu may work for seafood, but this approach is not practical for other cost volatile entrees or sides.

One way club managers and chefs can mitigate increasing costs is to make sure that they are getting the best prices on everything they buy from their broadliners. Price shopping for just the most expensive ingredients can make an impact, but this leaves money on the table. Alternatively, to shop every item on every order would take considerable time.  Time is one commodity that Executive Chefs have in very short supply.

ezFoodOrder provides an easy to use tool that is rapidly growing in popularity among Executive Chefs to match this quest for "best available" prices. While ezFoodOrder does not order food, it removes the burden of price shopping and helps organize order preparation.

In a nutshell, ezFoodOrder is an online tool that helps clubs save money, and it saves time for Executive Chefs, without compromising quality standards. The algorithm-based ezFoodOrder system shops every item on every order and generates reports to show chefs and their purchasing managers which vendor has the best price on each item they want to buy today.

The comprehensive ezFoodOrder service includes initial setup, ongoing maintenance and access from any computer for a monthly access fee that is a fraction of the savings.  There are NO contracts and NO setup fees, and ezFoodOrder can guarantee that the system will save you money.

Learn more by contacting CEO, Alvan Sage, at or telephone (314) 409-0444.