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Everything you need to streamline and optimize the way you order food.

With ezFoodOrder, there are:

No Contracts,

No Set-up Fees,

No Maintenance Charges, and

We do 95%+ of the work to get you deployed and saving money and time.


Instant order optimization

No matter how many vendors you use, ezFoodOrder instantly calculates the lowest cost order, while also taking into account any vendor minimums.


It really is EZ to use

After entering the case count of the items you want to purchase, ezFoodOrder generates, in less than a minute, a customized report telling you which items you should purchase from each vendor to obtain the lowest overall cost. The process is simple and typically takes less than 5 minutes.   

Rapid ordering, with options

After optimizing, you can use the ezFoodOrder information to order via telephone, or use vendor online ordering, or download PDF files or Excel files to deliver to vendors. 

Deployment and Start-Up Done For You

ezFoodOrder is designed for easy customization and flexibility. We will upload your entire inventory list so you don't have to, and we handle inventory changes as well. There is never any software to install or hardware to buy.  All you need is an internet connection and you can be up and running in minutes.

Vendor Management

Do you work with specialty vendors? Do you have unique inventory requirements?
No problem. ezFoodOrder is designed to map exactly to the way you already order food.  


Report features for management

ezFoodOrder also generates reports you can use for management meetings, including

savings history and a case history report for analyzing your quantities and expenses by

item.  We also offer special reports for general managers for board meetings.